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Becoming a member is easy!

If you are new to Edmonton and would like to join the EGA, we gladly welcome new members!

Becoming a new member/renewing your existing membership is easy as 

Step 1. Please fill out the online membership google form linked here.


Step 2. Transfer your membership fees to

Your bank must be setup for email transfer and may charge a fee.

Membership Fees Per Annum:

SCHEDULE OF FEES: An Initiation Fee of $5.00 shall be paid by all new applicants and those members who have allowed their membership to lapse for 1 or more years.


  • Family Membership - $25.00 Per Annum

  • Single Membership - $15.00 Per Annum

  • Senior Membership - Free

  • Junior Membership - $12.00 Per Annum

  • Family Associate Membership - $25.00 Per Annum

  • Single Associate Membership - $15.00 Per Annum

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